A serial killer, on the other hand, is a person who kills more than one person for their psychological pleasure. It is a person who makes “special efforts to evade detection” and may continue killing for weeks or months before being caught. To fully comprehend the actions of a serial killer, there are many things you need to do. A person’s childhood and past experiences can have a significant impact on their violent behavior.

Aileen Wuornos, a serial killer born in Rochester Michigan on February 29 1956, had a difficult childhood. She was sexually abused as a child and was even expelled from her family home. Wuornos had just finished her father’s sentence for child molestation. She later committed suicide. His mother, Aileen Wuornos, left her home to seek parental guidance. Their grandparents were alcoholics and their grandfather was violent. He was the one who abused Aileen sexually. Aileen, then 14, was conceived by her older brother. The baby was adopted to a home. Wuornos was abused as a child. She later worked as a Florida highway sex worker, and was later found guilty of the murders of seven men. The PowerPoint in chapter 3 shows that female serial killers have similar characteristics to men. It is based on psychopathology. The “insincere”, amoral, impatient, impulsive, prone, manipulative charismat and superficial charm of women is what they lack. Their failure to learn from their mistakes leaves them with little insight.

Typologies are used as motivation to help you understand and explain how to classify serial killers. Aileen WUornos would fall under the comfort category because she was involved with sex in order to survive and make money. After killing her victims, she also robbed them while driving along the highways in their cars. “The subgroup is comfort that results in the realization of personal gain. Because of her dominance of her victims, her motivation to kill them is a subtype of the typology Hedonistic.

Aileen Woutnos’s crimes were solved in 1989 and 1990 by seven bodies of middle-aged white men found across Florida. Richard Mallory, a Florida resident, was the first to pick up Aileen Wuornos off Interstate 75. His body was found miles from the abandoned car by a police officer with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. David Spears, Wuornos’s next victim, was found nude by six gunshots to his stomach in Citrus Land in the following year, 1990. Charles Carskaddon, who was also shot nine times in both the stomach and chest, followed Spears just a few more days later. Troy Burress was the fourth victim that was discovered in 1990. He was located by Marion County police and was taken to hospital for treatment. Charles Humphrey (the fifth victim) was discovered dead in Wuornos’s crime case on September 12, 1990. Although he was fully clothed in Marion County and had been shot to the head and torso, his car was discovered in Suwannee County. Walter Antonio, the sixth victim of the attack, was found in Marion County. He was “partially dressed” and left behind on November 19, 1990. Antonio received four head and back injuries and was discovered in Brevard County five day later by county officials. Peter Siems, the last victim, was not found. However, his car was discovered in Orange Springs on July 4, 1990 by “witnesses” who described two women living near it.

A jury didn’t find Aileen Wuornos guilty of self-defense killings on January 27, 1992. She was convicted in first-degree murder. Jeb Bush, Florida’s governor, lifted a provisional stop on Wuornos’s case. “Three psychiatrists determined her mentally competent to comprehend the death penalty, its reasons, and why it was implemented” in 2002. Aileen Wuornos died by lethal injection on October 9, 2002.

Aileen Wuornos: Story Of One Killer


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