Be careful what you wish to get. Sergei, one of the main characters in the Etgar Keret fable, found a magical fish that granted him three wishes. Sergei is now a loner and lives alone. Yoni (another main character) died due to Sergei. Sergei was given the opportunity to choose whether Yoni would like his wishes fulfilled or saved his life. Sergei makes the right decision and saves Yoni’s lives. Sergei was a caring, kind and selfless person who made the right decision. While some may argue Sergei did not save Yoni’s lives, Sergei was right to do so. Sergei isn’t a murderer; he is a selfless man whose intention wasn’t to kill Yoni.

Sergei, though a loner, doesn’t have to be selfish. He cares deeply about Yoni and does not want anyone to suffer. It’s stated that Sergei had a wish to save his sister’s life when they found out she was suffering from cancer. Long-term cancer that you can’t beat. Sergei shows compassion and care for others. Sergei only had three wishes, but he chose to give his first wish to his sister rather than using it for himself. Sergei also uses his second wish on another person. It is clear that Sergei did the right thing. Sergei was reluctant to wish Yoni a happy return because he didn’t want his only friend to go. Sergei had hoped that the fish would return to him as his only friend. But Sergei did not want the fish to go. Lines 185-186 state that Sergei would never ask for anything from a talking goldfish. He would just put it on a shelf and keep it there. He will have the golden fish go. His magical goldfish. Sergei was his friend.

Others may disagree with Sergei’s decision and argue that he should have gotten away with it. Sergei planned to hide Yoni and save his last wish. It says in lines 169-170 that Sergei will tie the child to a rock, and then dump him into the sea. This was his second wish for his sister. His second wish was for his ex-girlfriend’s child. His final wish was to save Yoni — a stranger he’d just met. Sergei was a very caring person despite not being a great friend to people.

Sergei made right decision. Sergei isn’t meant to be in jail. Sergei could have opted to let Yoni drown in the ocean and not pay any penalty. Sergei knew the right and wrong choices so he chose to make them. Sergei had thought about another plan, but decided to use his last wish. Sergei could have stated that this was his last wish and that he would use it only on him, but he continued to use his last wish in order to save Yoni.

Right Decisions In ‘What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish’ By Etgar Keret


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